Defense Wins Championships.

Score the most points

Items needed:
Basketball, court, broom, a pool noodle, squirt gun (loaded with water), and a pillow.

How to Play:
Each team will be given five minutes to try to score against the oddly constructed defense. The team who can score the most in their offensive period wins. Whoever is on offense for that period will have 5 players on the court while the defense will have only 4.

Description of the oddly constructed defense:
The broom can be held up in attempt to swat down the basketball. It may NOT be used to swat the players. Also, the broom may NOT push inside of the net.
The pool noodle may swat at the players or the ball.
The squirt gun player is to distract by squirting the other team
The guy with the pillow may swat at the other team or at the ball.
After 5 minutes they will switch offensive defensive roles. Remember, the offense must have 5 and the defense 4. The team who got the most points for their offensive period wins.
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