The Shark Tank

Have the most wealth by the end of the game (not actual money)

Items Needed:
People, Pictures of Random\Funny\Weird\Outlandish Products

Prep For The Game:
You will need a list and pictures of products that your teenagers can invest in and you will need a lot of random products. (ie - Chicken arms, Rubber Chicken Purse, Self Stirring Cup, Atomic Bomb Lamp, Bacon Lip Balm, etc.)

You will need to do four things with the pictures -
1.) Decide how much the players should invest (Either One Or Two Fingers) for each item.
2.) Pair the products up (you need two products per round)
3.) Decide which products will be good investments and which products will be bad investments
4.) Decide the value of each good investment is worth (Each good investment should be +2 through +4 and maybe one worth +5)

How To Play:
Every player in the youth group gets to play this game!!! Each player starts the game with five fingers held up. The amount of fingers that you hold up is equal to the amount of wealth you have the more fingers you have up the more wealth you have. Each round you will invest some of your wealth (your fingers) into a product. If you choose the good product and make a good investment, then you will end up adding to your wealth (fingers) at the end of each round, but if you choose the worse product and make a bad investment, then you will lose some of your wealth (fingers) [*Not literally lose them just put them down] at the end of each round. If you ever have 0 fingers you are out of the rest of the game. The goal of the game is to have the most wealth at the end of the game.

Example round: Would you like to invest in Robot Iguanas (Worth -1 Finger to invest) or Robot Dogs (Worth -1 Finger to invest). Each person decides for themselves what they want to invest in and puts down the payment (Ammount of fingers) to invest. (give them 5-10 Seconds to decide) NOW let's see who made a good investment. If you invested in Robot Iguanas you made a bad investment and have to lose the finger that you invested and now you only have four fingers, but if you invested in robot dogs you made a good investment and gained 3 fingers (now a total of 7)

For a list of product pictures and values email us @
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