Dunk Contest

Get the most chocolate on your doughnut

Items Needed:
Blindfolds, Doughnuts, String\Yarn, Sticks (broomsticks\poles\etc.), Bowls, Chocolate syrup, Table.

How To Play: 
This game takes only a little prep! Cut yarn strands about three feet long and then tie them to the end of the poles. Place three bowls on an 8ft table filled with chocolate. Three people play the game. They are each given a pole and blindfold. On the end of each string hanging from the poles tie the yarn around the hole of the doughnut. Then have each contestant stand back from the table and blindfold them. When you start the timer each contestant must dunk their doughnuts into the chocolate syrup and whoever gets the most chocolate on their doughnut when the time ends is the winner. It is fun to watch them swing their doughnut around because they are blindfolded.
***You may want some towels and cleaner to clean up the chocolate if you have a mess
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