Egg-Streme Flashlight Hunt

Find the most Easter Eggs in the dark!

Items Needed: 
Teens: Flashlight, Easter egg bag

Game Preparation Items:
Lots of Easter eggs filled with candy (if your church is planning an Easter egg hunt, see if you could get a separate amount for the youth department for this particular activity.)
*For select specialized egg prizes: paper + pen, or real eggs (paint them if you wish). 
Optional item: glow in the dark bracelets

How To Play: 
Easter Egg Hunt for everyone, like normal, but you do this at night/in the dark! So that way you don’t necessarily have to “hide” them, but you don’t want to make it too easy either. 
You can do this outside, or inside a large room of a building on the church property, etc. 

Make some customary eggs also - either use plastic egg shells and put a note inside of the egg with their prize written inside, or just use a real egg for the same purpose. (Paint them if you wish)

Special egg gift ideas: Gift cards, candy bars, dollar bill, mystery prize; just write it on the note and give them their prize after the game. Or if you’re using real eggs, they get their pick. 

Like any glow in the dark activity or game I do, I go to Dollar Tree and purchase whatever they have in stock of ‘glow in the dark’ wearable items for the teens to wear during the activity. (Colored bracelets, eyeglasses - blue for boys, green for girls, etc.) and I always make it a rule that their glow in the dark piece must always be worn and visible at all times during gameplay. 

The more eggs you have, the longer it can last. Or prepare fewer eggs and make them harder to find! 

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