Holiness Becometh

Psalm 93:5 – “Thy testimonies are very sure: holiness becometh thine house, O Lord, for ever.”

The Bible talks a lot about being Holy. Here the Bible says “holiness becometh”. The word becometh means to compliment, to be in harmony with, or to be worthy of. God commands us to be holy as He is holy.We are to be holy in Our:

1. Attitudes

Our attitude affects many things. It is important that we as Christians maintain a holy attitude, for the world looks at the Christian’s attitude and spirit. If our attitude is unholy the world will see that and be turned away from Christ because they saw our attitude as nothing different then themselves. God has set us apart as Christians to be different than the world, but especially in our attitudes. A christian’s attitude should be one of Joy, Peace, and Service: for we have true joy and peace in service.

2. Actions

Our actions definitely ought to be holy. Although attitude is important people will look to see what your actions are, for most people can talk a good talk but can not walk a good walk. We ought to be holy in our actions all the time. People should look at what you are doing and not question whether or not you are a Christian or not. We are to live in a way of separation from the world. One can not just separate from the world, but He must separate unto Christ. We must live holy in our deeds

3. Aspirations

Lastly holy aspirations will cause a Christian to do the other two. We are to seek first the kingdom of God. If our aspirations are that of Heavenly and eternal things then our actions and attitude will be holy, for we will not desire to be like the world. Our aspirations ought to be like Christ, for HE is Holy!

Holiness is not a suggestion it is a command. It becometh a Christian in the sight of the world, other Christians, and most importantly God.

William Davis | Youth Pastor
Clays Mill Baptist Church
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