YPS I Have Known

I have been a YP for 9 years now. I have seen so many different types of YPs. I have worked for the past 9 years to revamp the image of the YP. Most people think the YP is just the church babysitter, the most carnal or youngest staff member. I have watched YPs and took notes. I know that the church goes as the youth group goes… And the youth group goes as the YP goes.

Each type of YP produces a type of Teenager. For example:

1.) Former Sports Star YP-
Plays sports with the teens, promotes sports with the teens, makes everything a competition. He produces proud athletes, cocky teenagers, arrogant attitudes, no compassion. To those teenagers, all that matters is winning and there is no heart for others.

 2.) Too Cool YP-
Attempts to be “Cool” with the teenagers. Dresses like teens, talks like teens, acts like teens. Treats the young men as “bros” and woos the young ladies. He produces a lack of respect, a worldly attitude, no leadership. To those teenagers, he is a peer and not a leader.

 3.) The All Play YP-
He has all the best games. His games are always new and awesome. There is 45 minutes of games and 10 minutes of preaching/teaching. He produces an immature group of teenagers that are bored with “real” church. To those teenagers he is nothing more than a game show host and to the carnal he is the only thing they like about church.

4.) The Fashionista YP-
He always looks cool. Wears the latest fad of clothing, has the latest fad haircut. This YP is the one who wears his skinny jeans and tight t shirts. He produces immodest teenagers, fad chasing young people and superficial servants. To those teenagers he is the innovator of style and fashion.

5.) The Nazi YP
He is all business. Everything HAS to be church.
Fun? Fundamental!  We don’t need fun we need to be Fundamental.
Food? My food is to do the will of God!
Sports?  Jesus didn’t play football.
Games?  You are almost an adult… there are no games in life… Its Real!
No promotions,           No activities               No games unless Bible games.
What are you doing smiling… that’s not right. This YP is one who seems overly spiritual and out of reach for any teenager to follow. To those teenagers he is mean, grouchy and no fun at all.

6.) The Balanced YP
He enjoys sports with the teens from time to time. He leads teenagers but also studies the latest fads to guard his teens from them. He knows games are fun and important, but preaching is paramount. He is an example of modesty and appropriateness. He preaches the Bible, but encourages teens to enjoy serving Jesus as they live the Bible.

William Davis | Youth Pastor
Clays Mill Baptist Church
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