Who's Pulling The Strings?

Get your team to guess the correct answer

Items Needed:
List of things to act out

How To Play:
Divide your youth group into two teams. Each team sends up two people. They must stand in front of their team and if possible out of sight of the other team's guessers (That way the teams have to look at their actors and not get help by looking at the other teams actors). One of the two players on each team is shown a word or phrase. The other player is not shown it, and cannot say or do anything - for they are the puppet! The player that knowns tha phrase cannot speak\make noises, but must stand behind the puppet player and use them to act out the word\phrase. The first side to guess the correct answer gets a point and two different people from their team must come up and do another round. Whichever team scores the most points at the end of the time is the winner.

For instance, Player 1 reads the word "RUNNING". He must then get his team to guess the word by making the puppet (Player 2) run. The puppet cannot do anything on his own, so the puppeteer must grab his feet or legs and make the puppet run or do what he thinks will get his team to guess the word. The first team to guess is the winner!

**You can also have one puppeteer and puppet and both teams have to guess off of the same act. The first team to guess it is the winner!

***For fun The YP can use the youth workers and try to get the teens to guess. This is a lot of fun for the teens and the youth workers as well

****You can have two puppeteers if you want, this can make some of the actions easier. For instance if you wanted your puppet to act out running. One puppeteer could grab the puppets arms and make them swing as if running, and the second puppeteer could grab the puppets legs\feet and lift them to make them "run" at the same time as the other puppeteer. But i wold always start the game with only two players per team then bring in the third teammate later after a couple rounds have been played.
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