Christmas Lights

Recently we took our youth group to the “Lights Under Louisville” located in Louisville, KY. It gets its title for the fact that the lights are located in a cave under part of the city of Louisville. This was a very fun and unique activity, I mean how many times have you gone under ground to see Christmas lights? We had a great time of fellowship, singing Christmas carols, playing games, and getting to know members of the youth group. This activity was unique in many ways one of which was that we spent the majority of the time on the bus, as you are not allowed to get out if your car and see the lights for you drive through.

Of course, as with any youth activity food must be involved. We stopped for fast food on the way home and enjoyed singing Christmas Carols and a devotion about “Spiritual Truths from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”.

You might think this to be an impossible activity to have with young and energetic teens, but contrary to what you might think this was a wonderful time spent together as a youth group. It allowed us to spend personal one on one time with our teens and let us connect and reconnect with both new and disconnected teens. These kind of activities are a great for your youth group as they help bring your group together as one.
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