Stocking Stuffer

The first team who fills their stocking wins!

Items Needed:
Stockings, spoon for each team, plus small objects such as jingle bells, smaller wrapped candy, larger wrapped candy, and one larger item per team(like a small nerf football or something that would be hard to pass with the spoons but not impossible)

Divide players into as many teams as you have stockings. Each player gets a spoon. each team lines up in a line shoulder to shoulder with their teammates. The first player in the line is given a bucket full of the various items. That player must scoop out one thing at a time and transfer it to the next player on his team and they must transfer that item all the way to the end of the line. They players can ONLY USE THE SPOONS to transfer the items! The last player in the line is holding the stocking which the items have to go in. This game needs a 3-5 minutes time limit. The team with the most points, not necessarily the most items, at the end of the timer is the winner. Each item is worth different points. The bigger the item the more the points.

1 Point - Small Candy
3 Points - Medium Candy
5 Points - Small Ornaments (pack of 15 at Dollar Tree)
55 Points - Small Football
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