God's Got Your Back

Psalm 11:1 “In the Lord put I my trust: how say ye to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain?”
Logan C. was a year and a half older than I. We were on the same baseball team, and he was the best pitcher in the league. He had a killer curve ball! One day we played a team, and it was different than normal. As the night progressed, Logan seemingly couldn’t throw a single strike. He was walking kids around the bases! Coach put at least two other guys in to pitch, but nothing worked. The umpire wasn’t calling any strikes. Coach knew I had pitched on my other team, and asked if I could get it over the plate. I was the youngest kid on the team, and was by no means a fast pitcher. I’ll never forget what Coach told me: “Jesse, just get it across the plate, and let them hit the ball. Trust the team to get your back.”

Life isn’t easy, and life isn’t fair. We can’t rely on our talents, abilities, and strengths to get us through this life. We need to have someone behind us helping us win the game. The beginning of Psalm 11 is powerful: “In the Lord put I my trust: how say ye to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain?” As we read, we see the enemy has it locked down. Bows, arrows, and violence. When I pitched that game, I wasn’t worried about an in-the-park homer or kids creaming my pitches. I trusted my team, and they won the game with me. If we simply put our trust in God for salvation, in obedience, and in devotion to Him, we have a reliable back-up in our life. Many times, as an adult, Bible verses I memorized as a teen would come to mind when I needed them most. On weeks I was struggling on the outside, my prayers were being answered from weeks before.

Do you trust the Lord? Do you read His Word? Do you talk with Him daily in prayer? When the odds are stacked against us, God’s got our back!

Pastor Jesse McCammon
Calvary Baptist Church | Flora, IL
Calvary Baptist

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