Get your team to guess the sculpture in the least amount of time

Items needed:
List of things to sculpt, Playdoh, Table

Each contestant is given a thing of playdoh, because they will be the sculptor that round for their team. The sculptors are then given the same word and have to try to get their team to guess by sculpting that word. Try to separate the teams enough to where the teams cannot see the other teams' sculptors. The sculptors have 60 seconds to get their team to guess the correct word. They must not speak or point or anything. The only thing they can use is the playdoh. they can move and use the playdoh for actions, but they themselves must not. For instance if the word is "DUNK" they may sculpt a goal and player and make the player dunk the ball into the goal, but they cannot act out themselves they have to use the playdoh only.
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