The Long Snapper

Score the Most points by getting the TP through the Hula hoop

Items needed:
Toilet Paper, Hula Hoops

Two teams of two compete head to head. One player stand ten feet back from the snapper with a hula hoop in hand. The snapper must then try to hike the Toilet Paper Rolls through his legs into the hula hoop. Each team is given a pile of TP at the beginning. Once you say go they have 45 seconds to get as many TP rolls through the hula hoop. The hula hooper is not to move the hula hoop. Which team can score the most amount of points in the time limit is the winner!

***For the Ladies in your youth group have teams of three play against each other. One lady is the QB, One is the hula hoop holder, and the third is the snapper. The snapper kneels down beside the stack of TP or stands behind a table with their pile of TP on it and must just toss the QB of her team the TP rolls instead of snapping them through their legs like the boys have to do! The QB then has 1 minute to toss as many TP Rolls through the Hula Hoop!

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