Summer Jeopardy

Get the most points

Items Needed:
White board, Markers, Questions

How To Play:
Game is played as normal Jeopardy. Divide your youth group into two or three teams. Read a question the first person standing AFTER the question is FULLY READ will be called upon to answer. If it is correct their team is given the points if incorrect their team is deducted that amount of points. Teams are only allowed to answer once per question. If that team gets it right they then choose the next category and how many points.

Here are the questions and answers for a Complete Summer Jeopardy Game –

  1. SUM-mer
    1. The word September comes from a Latin word meaning what? – SEVEN
    2. 5780+6320 = 12100 (throw this in to keep them on their toes).
    3. Americans drank 3.8 Billion Gallons of what drink in the year 2020, 80% of which was consumed during the summer months? – Tea
    4. Who is the world record holder for most hotdogs eaten in ten minutes? – Joey Chestnut (73 Hot dogs and buns)
    5. What is the hottest recorded temperature? – 134F
  2. Places of Summer
    1. What state holds an annual midnight game of baseball without any need to turn the lights on? – Alaska
    2. In what country did the summer Olympics start? – Greece
    3. DAILY DOUBLE = What two months of Summer do the dog days of summer run into? – July and August
    4. What “Love”ly structure grows up to 6” every summer due to the heat? – Eiffel Tower
    5. What ancient place gets crowds of up to 40000 people to gather at one time to celebrate the summer solstice? – Stone hedge
  3. It Burns 
    1. What common plant is used to bring relief to sun burns? – Aloe Vera
    2. Sun burns are caused by what harmful rays? – Ultra Violet Rays (UV Rays)
    3. In June 1613 what misfired causing the thatched roof of an opera house where King Henry the 8th was attending to ignite? – A Cannon
    4. What animals are most likely to sunburn? – Pigs
    5. What white substance can actually multiply your exposure to UV Rays? – Snow
  4. Summer Food
    1. Frisbees were originally invented in 1870 and were created for what food purpose? Pie Plates (later college students who were bored after lunch starting tossing them around – hence the frisbees we know).
    2. What great summer snack was invented by accident in 1905 by an 11 year old boy? – Ice pops
    3. July is the National month of what fruit? – Blue berries
    4. July is the National month of what snack? – Icecream
    5. What is the top Summer Food of Americans? – Hamburgers
  5. It Happened In Summer 
    1. A world record was set when the city parks of Buffalo, Ny setup 1500 of these phony fowl? – Flamingos
    2. What phenomenon makes the longest day of the year? – Summer solstice
    3. What type of storms occur more in the Summer months than any other time of the year? – Thunderstorm
    4. What recently conquered city did Hitler drive into to go to an opera hall? – Paris
    5. What “Great” young man died in June of 323 BC? Alexander the Great
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