The Foundations of Separation

As Christians, all that we do in life should come from God. He is to be our Example, Leader, and Guide in all that we do. Our knowledge of God and His will comes as we read and study the revelation that He has given us in the Bible. In John 14:6 we read that Jesus said, “…I am the way, the truth, and the life….” Truth begins with God. God is Truth. God’s Word is Truth (John 17:17). One of the reasons that God gave us His Word was to sanctify us. “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth”(John 17:17).

So, as Christians, we must realize that God is the basis of right and wrong and all we call moral. On the other hand, many in the world would tell us that there is no God. Others in the world would say that they believe there must be a God but that we have no way to  know what He wants us to do or how He wants us to live and that He has left us to figure these things out for ourselves, these people tell us that right, wrong, and truth are “subjective”; that is, they must be determined by us, by our minds, consciences, and desires. They reason that since there is no God (or if there is a God, we can’t determine His mind), then each of us must decide for ourselves what is right, wrong, and true. This is why they argue that Christians should not tell them how to live or “make judgments about their lifestyle.” If there were no God, or if He had not made His will known in the Bible, they would be right. One individual would have no real authority to tell another what was right or wrong.

However, we know that god is real! We know He has given us His inspired Word and that He has preserved that Book. So we conclude that right, wrong, and truth are NOT determined by us or things within us. They are NOT subjective. Right, wrong, and truth are determined by God!

Dr. James Jorgensen
Executive Vice President | Commonwealth Baptist College
An excerpt from his book: Should I?
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