God Looks On The Heart

The people, at the church I Pastor, laugh on the rare occasion they see me without a tie. I recently had a young man stop by my house, and all he did was stand and laugh. I asked what was wrong, and he said, “Pastor, you have a T-shirt on”. I’m 100 percent for Christians dressing the right way. The world should know there is something different about us. I’m also for us having our hearts right. David’s brothers were refused because their hearts were not right. God wants us to dress right, but He looks on the heart also. I have always taken great comfort in this verse. I’m only 5 foot 4 inches tall. I really enjoyed sports as a young man and worked hard to become an athlete. I worked very hard to improve my jumping skills, and I had the privilege of doing the opening tip off for my basketball team once—and I won it! Take great comfort that you may not have a lot to offer God on the physical side but, if God has your heart, the sky is the limit. When God has your heart you will dress right, listen in church, apply truths given, serve where needed, and be available to God. Decide today that it’s not up to man, but it’s up to God who gets His favor. Work hard and do right. The world needs some more Davids who work hard and leave the rest in God’s capable hands. The heart is what truly sets us apart.

Pastor William Turner
Open Door Baptist Church | Lima, Ohio

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