Birthday Shuffle


Don’t be the last man standing

Items Needed:

  • Chairs

How To Play:

This game is similar to “Fruit Basket” except in stead of the players being a fruit they play with their birthday. Have the group pull their chairs into a circle, removing one chair and making that person go to the middle. That person then shouts out 3 different months, 3 different dates, or 3 different years and those people that fall into that category must get up and find a new seat at the same time the person in the middle tries to find a seat. The person left without a chair is out. Once a player is out remove a chair and have another contestant who is still in go to the middle and call out a different birthday category. When the phrase “Happy Birthday” is called, then everyone must get up and find a new seat that is not directly next to him/her. Last one sitting wins!