Bible Wheel of Fortune


  • Answer the most questions and be the team to have the most points at the end of the game.

Items needed:

  1. Whiteboard  (writing the blanks and keeping score)
  2. Bible categories and answers
    1. Category=food and drink 
      1. Answer= gall and vinegar (14 Blanks)
      2. Answer= five loaves and two fishes (22 Blanks)
      3. Answer= Mount Carmel (11 Blanks)
    2. Category= people and places
      1. Answer= Joseph of Arimathea (17 Blanks)
      2. Answer= Road to Damascus (14 Blanks)
    3. Category= events
      1. Answer= Passover Feast(13 Blanks)
      2. Answer= Parting of the Jordan River(23 Blanks)
    4. Category= Weapons
      1. Answer= Fire and foxtails (15 Blanks)
      2. Answer= Jawbone of a Donkey (16 Blanks)
  3. Spinning wheel

How to Play:

Split the youth group into two teams. One teams sends a representative to spin the wheel.The game host will read the category and write one blank per letter in the answer on the white board.
(i.e. if the phrase is JESUS them the host would write _ _ _ _ _ five blanks on the white board). What ever the amount the wheel lands on is how much points that team will receive per letter they guess correct. The team gets to guess one letter per spin. If they get the letter correct they get to spin again until they guess an incorrect letter or they land on the bankrupt/end turn space. once the team has guessed a wrong letter play goes to the other team. They will send a person to spin the wheel, then follow the same procedure.

-Caleb Young