Bible Jeopardy


  • Be the team with the most points

Items needed:

  • Bible Questions
    • Women of the Bible
      • 200– Who was the first woman of the Bible ? Answer: Eve
      • 400– Who was the mother of Joseph ? Answer: Rachel
      • 600– Who smote Sisera in the tent with a tent spike ? Answer: Jael
      • 800– Where was the great woman whose son Elisha had healed from? Answer: Shunem
      • 1000– The woman who would have killed Abimelech threw what out the window at him ? Answer: a piece of a Millstone
    • Men of the Bible
    • Old Testament
    • Food/Drinks
    • Places
    •  New Testament
    • Revelation
    • Joseph
    • Judges
    • Jesus
    • Miracles
    • Villains
    • Heaven
    • Reference (good one to test Bible knowledge in youth group)
      • 200- “For God so loved…” Answer: John 3:16
      • 400- “Call unto me…”  Answer: Jer. 33:3
      • etc.
    • Name that tune (have pianist or you hum Bible song tune)
  • White board/Dry-erase Markers

How to Play:

Split the youth group into two teams. The game host will read a question and the first person to stand from either team gets to answer. Once the person is standing no one is allowed to help them with the answer. If they answer the question correctly their team receives the points and gets to choose the next question. Always have a Final Jeopardy question.

-Caleb Young