Lots of things are made better by fire.  What would a flame broiled Whopper be without fire: yucky!  What would a hot and gooey s’more sandwich be without a fire crisped marshmallow: disappointing!  What would a bon fire be without the fire: boring!  What would a Christian’s life be without the fire of God: yucky, disappointing and boring.  Isaac, when he was walking with his father Abraham, up to Mount Moriah, said “Behold the fire.”  They were on their way to offer a sacrifice for God and they needed fire.  They had the fire.  Isaac could see the fire. Young adults, can I be very direct with you?  If you are reading this devotional, it is probably because you go to Bible believing church.  You probably have a Bible preaching Pastor and Youth Director who care about you.  You may even be fortunate enough to live in a Christian home where church, the Bible, and the things of God are a regular part of your life.  So, where’s the fire? The problem may not be with your Pastor, Youth Director, Church or Parents, the problem may be with YOU.  America’s Christian youth doesn’t need another Christian bookstore, they don’t need another so called Christian “rock band for Jesus”, and they don’t need another activity center, or even an all-night rally.  What they really need is for you, the average Christian teenager, to get serious about being on fire for God.  I’m not talking about just the preacher boys, or the Pastor’s kids, or the girls who have surrendered their lives to serve the Lord.  I’m talking to you, the ordinary teenager with parents that go to ordinary jobs and have ordinary lives.  Your youth group, your peers at school, the teens in your neighborhood need to see you get real about loving God, hating sin, and getting on FIRE for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Robert Pophal

Rose Park Baptist Church| Holland MI