Philemon 8a “Wherefore, though I might be much bold in Christ…”
        Teenagers are funny about being sheepishly quiet about some things, yet boldly obnoxious about other things. They will have no problems standing up and screaming as they do the wave at a ball game in front of hundreds of people, but turn silently shy when asked to pray out loud for the food. Most Christian young people will not even hesitate to act life a crazy nut after their team wins some sporting event, jumping up and down, hooting and hollering, or running around like a maniac. But just try to get them to answer a question in class or speak to someone about Christ, they become timid as a mouse. The Apostle Paul was undoubtedly one of the most outgoing, fearless Christians the Bible records. His heroic escapes form death and convicting sermons to dignitaries are legendary. Yet Philemon chapter 8 he still desires to be more bold for Christ. What an example for our youth to be as bold for Christ as they are about anything else. Why not be as fanatical for the Lord as we are for sports, games, peer pressure, or some new clothing style?  A faithful older teenager in our youth group turned away from the Lord and turned to the devil’s Goth rock music. Its message about death and suicide has changed his attitude, changed his clothing to all black and given him a bad set of new friends. He was cautious about going soul winning or speaking out for Christ when he was in the group. One Sunday morning, on a big day our youth workers caught him distributing flyers to our teens inviting to a concert featuring groups with names so vile it made me feel sick. Our teens tore them up and threw them away, but to this day I still cannot get over his BOLDNESS to enter a church service and try to peddle such filth. Proverbs 28:1 “the righteous are bold as a lion.” Oh, that we had youth as bold for Christ as the devil is for wrong.

Bro. Ed Schwarz

Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church

Commonwealth Baptist College