Back To Better – Remain

When faced with troubles, trials and transitions, there is often temptation to look for a quick fix, quick flee or quick find. There is always a pressure from teens, parents, your workers and your Pastor to produce results. In this moment of desperation, many YPs turn to something other than God to help them with their problems. If we are not careful we can become like the guy who doesn’t have a job but buys $20 dollars of lottery tickets every week looking for the “big win”. Often we want quick, easy and effortless solutions to every struggle, snare or shift we face in ministry. 

Some Youth Pastors will turn to the latest trendy curriculum and viral video from a non-denominational website. Others will look to a famous former fundamental youth speaker, or “this week’s” popular post preacher for assistance. While a few YPs decide to attempt an entire transformation into a rockstar youth pastor, fully equipped with wild hair, skinny jeans, excessive jewelry and ebonic vocabulary. Meanwhile, some of them just give up and quit. When the dust settles and the false attempts to further the Kingdom flop… Some are flanked by failure falling away from the Fundamentals of the faith, spending their lives “recovering”  from what introduced them to Christ. Others, panicked with problems are pressured into pastoring; thinking the problems won’t be the same. So, YPs run into an even greater leadership position still not having learned that we are not trying to get back to normal, we want to get back to better… 

Lets just decide to stick it out, to stand, to stay… to Remain. 

Remain Focused-

Your purpose is not to build the Youth Dept. Jesus said He would do that. Your job is to just build the Youth Dept. (redundant? Nah. Just reciprocal) Focus on building the teens up in Christ and He will take care of sending more teens to be built. Be obedient. Go soul winning. But build the teens. Let Christ build the Teen Department. Find your Purpose and Remain Focused. 

Remain Fundamental-

Standing for the book, the look and the hook will always be a need. Don’t cave just because of numbers. The liberal church down the street that rocks the flock, loud for the crowd, has always been there. Just keep teaching the word of God, dressing modestly, separate from the world and standing for truth. The pull to be cool will always draw the fool… Remain Fundamental.  

Remain Faithful

Stick it out. God called you there. God called you to do what you’re doing, right? If not, you need to quit! If so, do it. You may not be the most entertaining, talented or flashy YP, but you can be a faithful one. Truth be told, that’s what teens need most. Remain Faithful.  

Remain Fully Invested-

Give it your all. Don’t just batten down the hatches and ride out your tenure. Stop looking for churches that need a pastor. Just decide you are going to be the YP until God changes things. God. Not COVID, not a lack of faith, not a feeling of failure, not a problem with a parent or a troubled teen… GOD. 

Calm down, take a breath, and make a plan to Remain.  That is how you get back to… BETTER.

William Davis | Youth Pastor
Clays Mill Baptist Church