Back-Pack Christianity

Galatians 6:5 “For every man shall bear his own burden.”
We were getting ready as a family for an exciting trip together to New England last summer for a vacation. As always, my youngest son Jordan was eagerly packing everything he thought he might possibly need for the trip. His back-pack was about to explode, it was so full of toys, games and candy that when he went to carry it he could barely lift it. My son’s seven year old logic drove him to pack more than he could handle, but he didn’t care about the weight because we were going on an awesome adventure. I asked him if he was sure he could handle it all. “Oh yea dad, don’t worry, I’m gonna be fine carrying it because it’s all for fun!”
Months later we were getting ready to head out for school and the boys were putting on their back-packs. I heard Jordan grumbling about how heavy his load was that morning. I sarcastically asked him if it was anywhere near the weight of the load he had for vacation. He looked back at me with no response verbally, but the look on his face told me that he was guilty. He knew that it was a light load compared to the summer trip, but the contents made it only seem heavier.
Some days there is so little in them it seems silly to even bother with the back-pack. Other days, one more item will cause an explosion. But regardless of the day, the back-pack must be carried. So is life, young person. Today’s text reminds us, “For every man shall bear his own burden.” As you grow up through life, wake up to the reality that not everyday hands you an empty back-pack, sometimes it is going to be a burden.
So remember these helpful back-pack tips. First, carry it with the right attitude towards the contents and it will not seem as heavy. Secondly, remember if it is heavy today, tomorrow will probably be lighter. And last of all, do not forget, everybody else is carrying a back-pack


-Bro. Ed Schwarz