Angry Birds


  • Be the first team to knock down all of the opponents pigs

Items Needed:

  • Balls ( various sizes )
  • Two or three water baloon slingshots ( You only need one but normally they break pretty easy therefore two or three is best )
  • Tons on Boxes ( various sizes )
  • Pigs ( You can markcolor certain boxes to look like pigs or just use stuffed pigs

How to Play: 

Two teams have a set time they get to build there fortress for the pigs. As soon as the time is up, have teams shoot their “Angry Birds” at the opposing teams pigs. Once all of the pigs have been knocked out the game is over. Make sure different people on the teams get a chance to shoot. You don’t want the same person doing the firing all the time or it will become a one on one instead of two teams. Keep the game exciting for everyone by involving everyone.

Mick Hall | Youth Pastor

Faith Baptist Church

Bourbonnais, IL