All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name

Revelation 19:12, 16

All hail the power of Jesus name is often referred to as the “National Anthem of Christendom.” The
hymn has been translated into almost every language where Christianity is known. One writer has said,
“So long as there are Christians on earth, it will continue to be sung: and after that, in heaven.” Edward
Perronet, the author of the hymn, was born and raised in the Anglican church, yet in later years he
would write, “I despise her nonsense.” Soon he would break ties with the Anglican church and begin
endeavors with the Wesleys during the 1740’s and the 1750’s. Edward would be thrown down and
rolled in mud and mire, and even have stones hurled at him because of his strong stand for Christ. He
would later give testimony of how he endured through these tough times. Perronet would speak the
words, “All Hail the power of Jesus name,” when those around him would begin to trample him. He said
it was his faith in the power of Jesus that got him through difficulties.

We will be faced with difficult times, times we feel we should just give up and give in. We may not have
literal stones hurled at us, but we will have lies told about us, cruel words spoken to us, and even friends
forsake us. It is in these times we must praise the name of Jesus. It is in these times we must remember
that while we may not be able to bare the difficulties we face, He can bare them for us and with us. It is
often in the hard times that we forget to praise the Lord, but we must remember that the same God
that reigns in the good times is the same God that reigns in the difficult ones. Let us give him glory and
praise even in times of desperation.