About YP Life

About YP Life

My name is William Davis and I have been working with teenagers since I was 17 years old. I was reached through the bus ministry and called to preach at age 17. I am currently the YP (Youth Pastor) at the Clays Mill Road Baptist Church in Lexington, KY. I graduated from Commonwealth Baptist College in 2005 and pastored the Faith Baptist Church in Richmond, KY for 3 years prior to becoming the YP for Pastor Jeff Fugate at the Clays Mill Road Baptist Church in Lexington, KY.

Have you ever been online searching for a game or lesson idea only to be bombarded by ideas that make you wonder how any respectable adult could possibly promote such ideas and allow teenagers to do such things? OR… on the flip side… duck, duck goose and David and Goliath can only be repackaged so many times…

This website is full of sermons, ideas, and resources to help you take your youth group to the next level. There is nothing on this website that will hinder the spiritual growth of your teenagers. This website is a place where Godly YPs can use in a  multitude of ways. We will continue to post articles that are helpful and informative, challenging and motivation, thought-provoking and creative. This website is a compilation of ideas and truths from many different people that have been working with teenagers in some aspect. Not everything on this website will be new to you, but hopefully, there will be something that will help everyone. I hope the articles and insights found on the sight will be a blessing and help to you and your teenagers as you seek to serve the Lord.

In my years of Youth Ministry, I have found that many of the online resources available for Youth Pastors are laced with liberalism and full of fundamental flaws. Many of the games, ideas, activities, and articles available are inapplicable due to the questionable content. I wanted to provide a site where Youth Pastors could share with others Youth Pastors and not be afraid of what they were getting. The games we post, you can play this Sunday; without worrying about worldliness and sensuality. The articles you read will be fundamental. There will be no left lean nor crush on contemporary style. Away with the notion that the Youth Pastor is the most carnal staff member and simply the babysitter of the staff kids. It is time for the Youth Pastors of America to once again train young people to do right, stand for truth, walk with God and serve Him. Let's live this life, and let's live it together…. the YPlife!


William Davis

Youth Pastor

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church