The word virtuous and virtuously appear in the Bible only four times, all in the Old Testament Scriptures and all speaking specifically about the attributes of a lady.  I find that very interesting!   Ladies, God wants you to have the character trait of virtue.  What is virtue?  I’m so glad you asked! Virtue is strength of character (who you are on the inside) and morals (what is right and good).  Young lady, can it be said of you by your closest friends, who know who you really are, that you stand strong on being a young woman of character and Christian morals?  Would a close inspection of your cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and playlists all support the person you portray to be, in front of your parents and spiritual leaders?  Ladies, you face a tough battle in our day.   It is harder and harder for godly ladies to find modest clothing to purchase at the mall and retail stores.  The role models for young women held up by popular culture keep setting new lower standards every year for rudeness and immodesty.  Everything that this world portrays for you is the complete opposite of what God intends you to be. The godly young lady of today must have virtue (strength on the inside) based on a personal relationship with God, supported by a daily time with God in the Bible and prayer, and lived out with faith and courage. It takes a virtuous young lady to trust God that her beauty and value are based not on the sleazy cheap model of the world but on God’s high estimation of a godly lady.  Where are the young women of virtue for today? Stand up, young ladies, for honesty, purity, morality, and kindness in your school and youth group.  Stand strong against those who would drag you down into gossip, meanness, and rebellion. Keep a pure heart and life for the Lord; be a young woman of virtue!

Pastor Robert Pophal

Rose Park Baptist Church| Holland MI