A Masterpiece of Excellence

Proverbs 31:29 Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.”

There are many ladies who have excelled in a single facet of womanhood; their names have gone down in history for one outstanding quality, or maybe even several. But
the lady who studies and incorporates the entire spectrum of these Bible principles of godly femininity will outshine even the greatest of them.

Many of the girls who turn their backs on God’s plan and turn to the world have been deceived into thinking that they are ‘breaking the mold’ or ‘being an individual’. But that’s the lie of the devil.

The Bible tells us, “And be not CONFORMED to this world; but be ye TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Satan cannot ‘transform’ — that is beyond the realm of his limited power. But he is the master of conformity.

Take a look at the world’s clothing, hair-styles, even their attitude and outlook. When you walk through the mall, it wouldn’t be hard to convince yourself that most everybody there dropped off the same assembly line. If there is much difference in them, it is only that they get progressively more blatant in the contest to see who can
look the most ridiculous.

Yet they will tell you, “I just want to be me. I’m trying to express myself,” and they really believe it. Yet they are just trying to fit in, and conform to the devil’s plan and those around them. But God is the Author of individuality and unique difference. Only God can make countless millions of snowflakes, and each be a unique creation. Only God could make every fingerprint on every finger on every person in every place to be individual and distinguishable from all others.

Ladies who feel that breaking away from God’s plan is an assertion of their individuality have believed the devil’s lie. The devil has got us to accept his stereotype of an unattractive, unappreciated household drudge, in bondage to diapers and dishes, instead of the Bible view of a lovely, godly homemaker.

The world has been looking at God’s plan from the perspective of being ‘conformed’ instead of being ‘transformed’. Transformation is a miraculous process that works from the inside out. It’s not just a list of jobs and rules and qualifications we must make ourselves good enough to meet. It is the result of the power of God to make us what He has called us to be.

Suppose we had a whole room full of gifted artists, and we gave them each an identical supply of canvas, colors, brushes, and tools. Then we gave them all the same assignment to paint a picture that includes trees, flowers, a stream, and a path. You would have as many different scenes, expressing different moods and thoughts, as the number of different artists that painted them. The more talented and experienced the group of artists, the more diversity would show up in their paintings.

Proverbs 31, along with several other passages and examples given in the scriptures, provide us with the ‘tools’ that God has given us to work with and some instructions about the ‘masterpiece’ He directs us to create. Yet if every woman in the world took those exact same verses and did her very best to translate them into God’s will in her life, her family, her church, and her opportunities, there would not be one carbon copy among them. Each one of their lives would be as unique and lovely as only the transforming power of God could make it.

Mrs. Cathy Corle wife to Evangelist Dennis Corle