Light for the Journey

Psalms 119:130 “The entrance of thy words giveth light:…”

Romans 10:17 “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

       Unsaved people walk in darkness, because Satan blinds their minds. Only the Word of God can bring them light and saving faith. After a person is saved, the Word of God gives them light for the journey.

       A Christian man, packing for a journey, said to a friend: “there is a little corner where I will pack a guidebook, a lamp, a mirror, a telescope, a bundle of old letter, a book of poems, several biographies, a hymn book, a sword, a small library containing 66 books, and all these articles will fit into a space of about 6 by 9 inches.” “How is that possible?” The friend asked.”Easily. The Bible contains all these things,” he replied. 

        The Word of God does contain all that and more. Read it often and hide its teachings in your heart. Live by its precepts. It will give you light for the journey.

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Evangelist Louis Arnold  (1914-2015)

Founder of CMRBC

An excerpt from his daily devotional book:

Day Starters