4 Games That Will Keep Quarantine Exciting

We get it. Quarantine is not as fun as you thought it was going to be. We all figured it was going to only be a short time of relaxation from normal life, but as we go on and on you’re getting restless. Here are some unusual games that will break up the monotony of the quarantined life that you have not played yet.

1. Sock War!

Each player will need to put socks on their hands and their feet. The players are then divided into two teams. Each team builds a fort from couches, cushions, blankets, etc. once fort are built. Both teams meet between the forts. One player yells go and you must get all the socks off of players. Once the socks are pulled off of your hands and feet you are out and must go back to your base. Socks that you have taken off must go back to your fort. Play is continued until there is only one team that has players with socks on. Once all socks are off, count the socks that are back in your fort and roll them into sock balls. Now you have your ammo, so it is time to play sock ball. teams throw socks at one another. You’re out if a sock ball hits you—and you’ve gotta act out a dramatic death. Last team standing wins!

2. Flash(light)

This game is similar to a scavenger hunt but with a major twist – Freeze tag. Disassemble a flashlight and place the pieces around the house. Not hiding them just in various parts of the house. One player is the flash and all other players are the (lights). The flash must start at the back of the house and his job is to stop the lights from getting the flashlight pieces and assembling it. The Lights must start at the front of the house and their task is to find the pieces of the flashlight and get them all together in one place.

3. Jenga + Monopoly

We borrowed this one from Inspiration Laboratories’ 5 Ways to Play Jenga.  All you’ll need is a Jenga set and Monopoly money. For every block pulled out, the player earns a buck!  These can be consolidated over time into $5s and $10s.

Personally, we like the idea of also spending the money! Make deals to buy the turn of another player, or sell yours to the highest bidder.  As the tower gets tall, no one wants to take a turn and topple it!

The winner is the player with the most Monopoly money who didn’t topple the tower.

4. Paper Airplane Games

This can be played indoors and out doors (as long as its not super windy)

Making paper airplanes is always a blast. One game you can play is to see who can fly the paper airplane that they have made the farthest. Another competition is to see whose airplane can get the most hangtime. The third weird twist would be for each player to make a paper airplane. Then all must join together to build a runway out of paper, wood, or anything flat that can be lined up. Then there are several was to win 1. To see whose plane lands the farthest but has to land on the runway 2. see whose plane lands closest to a designated spot on the runway 3. Take turns seeing who can make their plane stay on the runway. Contestants are to take turns throwing their planes onto the strip. If their plane doesn’t land on the strip or lands upside down that player has lost and must wait until the next round to play again. Players whose plane lands on the strip must then go fetch it and then wait til the next round where they will then play again against those whose plane landed on the first time. Play continues until there is only one player left