“35 Little Things That Make a BIG Difference”

  1. Eye contact (When talking to someone, don’t let anyone interrupt you.)
  2. A smile (You’re not a bouncer…)
  3. Appreciation notes (Express your appreciation for them)
  4. Birthday cards
  5. Phone calls
  6. Attending extra-curricular activities (recitals, ball game, graduation, etc)
  7. Compliments (not flattery)
  8. Hospital visits
  9. Attend a funeral of someone close to them.
  10. One-on-one encounters
  11. Shared prayer requests
  12. Shared burden for lost family members (Win their family members to Christ)
  13. Take someone out to lunch
  14. Personal Bible verses (Give them a verse they may need and tell them it made you think of them.)
  15. Financial help
  16. Impromptu prayer meetings
  17. Impromptu prayer
  18. Having them over to your house
  19. Credit their parents (It will get back to mom and dad)
  20. Nicknames (esp. bus kids)
  21. Hold your spouse’s hand (They need to see that you love your wife)
  22. Apologize
  23. Sing (Sing with your teens on the bus. Have them sing in church. Take them to other churches to sing)
  24. Wisdom statements. (Write down 10 statements you want to be known for)
  25. Help them with dress issues by purchasing something
  26. Be completely honest
  27. Proper physical contact
  28. Personal grooming
  29. Have a merry heart
  30. Fix problems (Ignoring problems do not make them go away)
  31. Show respect (Say yes ma’am, etc)
  32. Use humor to amuse, not to abuse
  33. Remember that NOTHING you share with another will stay that way.
  34. Separate the sin from the sinner
  35. In disciplining, don’t overkill


Pastor Jerry Ross | Blessed Hope Baptist Church

Jasonville, Indiana