I Corinthians 14:10
There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them is without signification.
In I Corinthians chapter 14 we find prophecy (or preaching) is the greatest gift to both yesterday’s church and today’s church.
This chapter could be effortlessly outlined like this:

I. The  Admonition. (verse 1)

II. The  Advantages. (verses 2-6)

III. The Analogies. (verses 7-8)

IV. The Alarm. (verses 9-11)

V. The Assertion. (verses 12-22)

VI. he  Advice. (verses 23-40)

It is while the  Apostle Paul is dealing (under the direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit) with “The Alarm” that a person sees this hour was really no different than that 60 minutes. (verse 10) The word “voices” or “voice” is used 3 times in this chapter (verses 10, 11 and 19).  In the Greek language it means: noise, sound, language. Dr. Lee Roberson once said, “Don’t listen to the sinful voices of the world, the flesh and the devil!” Friend, you and I (those of us that are saved) should determine to tune out the distracting speech that wants to destroy us! There are 3 “voices” I’d not listen to as a child of God.  (All found on the pages of the Bible)


A voice that I’d not listen to is the voice of doubt. (Genesis 3:1)  This is the utterance that comes from outside.  Satan had Eve right where he wanted her, when he was simply able to get her to question God.  Mistrust and distrust are the Siamese twins of the devil.  An open, well studied, obviously used Bible is the  best antidote to the poison of devilish doubt. (II Cor. 1:20)  The voice of doubt!


A voice that I’d not listen to is the voice of delay. (II Samuel 11:1b)  This is the utterance that comes from inside.  David had no doubt said to himself, “I deserve a mini-vacation and will join my troops later!”  This pause will lead to adultery, murder, attempted cover up and disgrace.  Don’t miss this, DELAY BROUGHT THE DISPLEASURE OF DEITY! (verse 11:27)  Believers aren’t built for the barracks but for the battlefield. (I Tim. 6:12)  The voice of delay!


A voice that I’d not listen to is the voice of discouragement. (John 21:3)  This is the utterance that comes  from alongside.  10 disciples all go back to their former occupation, fisherman, because of listening to a A disheartened disciple that led the testimony meeting.  Don’t give a cast down person a seat on your personal cabinet, or you’ll find yourself only drowning worms, out of the will of God! (Prov. 15:22)  A voice of discouragement!

-Evangelist John Hamblin